Case Studies - Opascope

Case Studies

Here are the true stories of the real companies we’ve helped, redacted so that we can be fully candid.

The CAC-Dropping Jam Session

Opascope helps a music collaboration startup drive down its customer acquisition costs, discovering a treasure trove of missed opportunities along the way.

Opascope V. The Law Firm Status Quo

Opascope helps a tech-savvy law firm bring their marketing strategy and referral system into the 21st century.

Growth Hacking 101

Facing the unanticipated side effects of exponential growth, a fast-scaling startup turns to Opascope to build their urgently needed marketing infrastructure.

The Art Of Scaling

How Opascope helped a recently acquired marketing technology firm rebuild their customer acquisition strategy for the big leagues.

Who Says Clouds Can’t Be Streamlined?

When an established enterprise file sharing and collaboration company needs help updating their marketing infrastructure to better compete against their rivals, Opascope is there to help.

Stopping The Seasonal Sales Siphon

How Opascope’s experience in digital advertising and analytics allowed an online greeting card company to reclaim their audience and shatter revenue records.

The Marketers Who Spoke Fluent Engineer

How Opascope helped a tech-focused analytics platform pivot to better connect with their data-starved marketing customers.

Marketing Solutions À La Carte

Opascope helps a tech-focused food startup rethink its content marketing, SEO, and retargeting strategies to boost their visibility in an increasingly competitive industry.

Speaking Their Language

Opascope helps a language tutoring startup go global by optimizing their customer acquisition strategy.

Boutique Thinking Turned Inside Out

What happens when a once-iconic fashion brand hires Opascope to rethink their marketing strategy — and then ignores every scrap of advice they’re given?