Careers - Opascope


Join a team of marketers that think outside the box.

Who We’re Looking For

Opascope is a performance marketing firm. We develop and execute bespoke growth strategies that are typically only available to big companies with massive budgets. You might be a good fit for our growing team if you: value problem-solving above all else; enjoy challenging conventions; and are constantly asking why. If this sounds like you, introduce yourself to our VP of Growth at [email protected].

Opascope Benefits

We are an employee-first company and believe if we take care of our employees they are happier and perform better.  We are proud to put our money where our mouth is and offer:

Top technology in your hands

You won’t be receiving a 3-year-old computer with fans that kick on when you open 5 web browsers and Slack. Our employees get the latest technology that fits their needs and then some.

Competitive retirement and healthcare

Nothing is more important than your personal and financial health. When it comes time to pick our healthcare plan, we pick the best one at the top of the list for every employee of the company.

Vacation days for you and your family

We take vacation days seriously by offering an abundance of time, but we also expect for you to use them every year. Feel free to unplug from the world and focus on you and your family.

The Intangibles

Priority of work-life balance

We expect you to have Slack on “do not disturb” after 5pm. We work hard and are focused during the workday, so we do not have to work at night or on weekends.

High-trust environment

We believe in you and our job is to give you confidence. Great companies do not micromanage to get things done.

Diversity of clients and tasks

No two days are the same. We work on a wide variety of projects and we are constantly evolving to get better. Being bored will not be an issue at Opascope.

Growth opportunities

As of 2024, we are in the most exciting times of a company. We are not a startup, but we are not cost-cutting either. We’re growing fast and you will too.

Our Values

Play to Win

Pursue excellence with unwavering dedication. We focus on continuous improvement and prioritize process over outcome. Strive to be the best for our customers and employees by committing to getting 1% better every day.

Be Resourceful

Cultivate a spirit of curiosity and determination, unafraid to take bold risks in the quest for optimal solutions. Embrace imagination and tenacity, dedicating every effort to achieving success for our clients.

Chemistry Counts

Foster genuine enthusiasm and camaraderie within teams, valuing the joy and strength that comes from working together harmoniously. Build relationships based on mutual respect and shared success, becoming an integral extension of your team.

Candor with Compassion

Champion honest and kind communication, believing that constructive feedback is essential for collective growth and improvement. Embrace transparency and empathy, ensuring that everyone grows stronger and better together.